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Guitar-Making Courses

Here is a list of guitar-making courses from around the world. Visit their websites by clicking on the links. If you think we’ve missed anyone out or you find any broken links please use the contact form to let us know.

Tobias Braun Guitars – near Vienna
“Two weeks classical guitarmaking course once a year in the summer. We will follow the blueprints of the 1937 Hermann Hauser I because it forms a good basis in terms of building techniques and history...”

Australian Guitar Making School – various locations
“At the Australian Guitar Making School you can: Make your own high performance guitar; Choose your own acoustic or classical design with a choice of modern or traditional designs and materials; Select your own timbers. Australian or imported; Work at your own pace under careful supervision; No previous woodworking experience required; 4 hour weekly workshop classes of up to 6 students; Most students take one class each week. Although some have taken more than one in order to finish quicker...”

Gilet Guitar Making School – Sydney
“Available to anybody who wishes to apply themselves to learning the secrets of fine guitar construction by building a guitar themselves here at the Gilet Guitars workshop. Under the expert tutelage of Gerard and his protgs, Darrell, Arjuna, and Michael, you will be led through each stage of acoustic instrument construction as you work towards a completed instrument of real quality. More importantly however, you will understand "why" you are doing each stage so that you gain an even greater appreciation of both the instrument you have built as well as all of Gilet's guitar designs.
New classes are run periodically so please contact us if you are interested in enrolling in our next class or if you would like to discuss a project that you have in mind to see whether it would appropriate to build at Gilet Guitars.”

The Luthiers Lot – New South Wales
“...the Objective of the course is to teach the enrolling student the skills necessary to build a solid body stringed instrument from raw materials. This includes working knowledge of the tools and equipment used, electronic components and design theory. The course is open to any person from the age of 15...”

Thomas Lloyd School of Acoustic Guitar Making – Victoria
“From the novice woodworker to the experienced builder, our acoustic guitar building courses allows students to choose from a wide range of acoustic guitar types and designs, including: Classical (nylon string), Flamenco (nylon string), Steel String, OOO, OO, Dreadnaught, Jumbo, 12 String, Acoustic Bass, Left Handed. Our very popular Acoustic Guitar Making Course may be taken over an intensive two week period or alternatively, over a more relaxed ten week period consisting of one class per week. Both courses consist of a total of around 80 hours. Our Luthier Course is a more extended course of study which may be taken over an intensive five week period or over a twelve week period consisting of two classes per week, for a total of 240 hours....”
Other courses available in Tasmania and Japan.

Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw – Puurs
“Our School for Musical Instrument Building, called "Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw" (Cmb), based at Puurs, Belgium, is a training and documentation resources centre whose aim it is to spread and promote the knowledge and the richness of the craft. We train people to become true professionals in the art of musical instrument making and we provide opportunities for both those who either wish to top up their existing skills and those who wish to attend a particular session, workshop or lecture...”

Arrenbie Guitars – Bruges
“I've been a member of the Centre for Lutherie Belgium (CMB) since 1994and from September 2011 I've taught steel string guitar building. I'm especially focussed on stringed instruments of the guitar family. So far I've built electric, acoustic and archtop instruments with a special fondness for acoustic instruments, although my interests may broaden. My contact details are on the website. Ralph Bonte...”

B&H Escola de Luthieria – Sao Paulo
Basic, intermediate and advanced instrument making courses

Curso Superior de Tecnologia em Luteria – Universidade Federal do Paraná
“The luthiery course UFPR presents a new professional option in Brazil, as an autonomous career with higher technological degree. Implemented in 2009, the course is meeting the existing demand for decades by manufacturers of musical instruments, at all levels. The project is intended as a realistic perspective, the trend in Latin America lush growth of music among children and youth as a social project, without losing its artistic dimension and depth. The luteria is an activity that encompasses knowledge in various fields such as chemistry, physics, music, drawing among others, and the ability to work with wood and hand tools. In particular, students should be watchful, interested, focused, with good spatial notions and willing to work with hand tools...”

Acoustic Guitar Building School (Hamm-tone Guitars & Guitar Making School) – Manitoba
“Since 2009 we’ve been operating the instructional courses out of La Riviere, Manitoba.This particular school is proving to be one of the most productive, promising and economical ways of entering the world of instrument making. We’ve had students from all over Canada, USA, Europe and Asia attend. These courses boast a very low tuition cost in addition to a low student to instructor ratio, ensuring inspiring results for the future guitar maker. Previous students of N. Jeremy Hamm have ventured further into their careers as luthiers working as repair technicians, assembly line builders, custom builders and music store owners. Every student who has ever enrolled in this guitar making program has completed their guitar on time and successfully taken it home with them! Building a guitar may be the best decision you ever make...”

Bruand Lutherie-Guitare – Montreal
“The school/workshop Lutherie-guitar Bruand, in collaboration with the Institute of Crafts of the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, offers a programme in crafts, including guitar-making techniques. The training specialises in plucked instruments, primarily guitar. During training, students learn all the skills, the theoretical knowledge as well as the manual attributes needed to carry on the craft of a luthier...” trans.

Canadian School of Lutherie – Ontario
“CSL is recognized world wide as a center for studying the design and construction of exquisite, hand-made, custom-built guitars as well as restoration secrets, knowledge and hands on experience. Specializing in teaching students how to make and repair stringed instruments for utmost playability, comfort and acoustic quality, as well as discussions on the philosophy of the craft. Students have attended our Guitar Building Courses from places as far away as Italy, Germany, the United States, and all across Canada...”

de Jonge School of Lutherie – Quebec
“Guitar making course – I am offering a 4 and 5-week intensive course of instruction in acoustic guitar building. The course offers 5-day/week hands-on instruction in the workshop, with optional room & board. Students will learn every aspect of the process from start to finish, and will build their own guitars during the course...”

Dragonfly School of Luthierie – British Columbia
“Dragonfly Guitars acoustic guitar-making course covers all aspects of the process from design to construction to finishing. In this six week course you will design your own flat-top body shape, headstock shape and bridge. Then you will fabricate all the parts from scratch. This is not a kit-building course. Your guitar will incorporate purfling work, wood bindings and inlay. Make your own rosette and choose your woods. When your guitar is assembled you will spray a lacquer finish and buff it out. Build Your Guitar...”

Karol Guitars – Ontario
“As a student you will receive hands on, one-to-one tutoring to build an electric or acoustic guitar of your own design. Learn the aspects of guitar making – wood bending, bracing design, neck carving, inlaying, fretwork, finishing, and setup. With over 25 years of expertise and a complete shop of jigs and specialized tools at your disposal, you will learn all the skills needed to build a performance grade instrument. Having built over 100 custom guitars in my career so far, you will benefit from my experience and learn to create an instrument of your own design that will be a pleasure to play and behold for years to come...”

Lado Lutherie School – Ontario
“The Lado School of Lutherie provides both theoretical and practical instruction on custom guitar crafting and repair. Students will learn the foundations for both acoustic and electric guitar applications. Course duration is 18 weeks and provides 720 hours on hands on training...”

Loucin Guitars – Ontario
“Loucin Guitar Co. offers an intensive course of instruction in acoustic guitar building. Students will learn every aspect of the process from start to finish and will build their very own guitar during the course. We provide a fully equipped workshop full of tools, forms, moulds and jigs. Courses run all year long (except July & August), but there is limited space, so make sure to book now. You will work along side Garren who will teach you the principles of guitar making. You will follow the Loucin guitar building process step-by-step. After successful completion of the course, you will have a guitar made for you, by you – how cool is that? The Ultimate Souvenir...”

Summit School of Guitar Building – British Columbia
“Larger schools often lack the student to teacher ratio we feel is so critical, and builders or repair shops are often reluctant to take on unskilled employees. By maintaining communication with manufacturers, private builders and music stores, we are able to assist students in pursuing their goals for employment. Many of our students go on to start their own business. So, while through the years our school has grown, we still maintain a low student/teacher ratio. Enrolment is limited. We operate on a first come basis. No prerequisites are required...”

Timeless Instruments – Saskatchewan
“The training at Timeless Instruments is designed to prepare students to enter the work force as a self employed luthier or as a skilled worker in a shop. Whether it is building, repair, road tech, store owner, or hobby builder the skills learned in this course save years of trying it yourself. Your understanding of creating the sound you want, balanced with the aesthetic appeal and the playability feel, the understanding of tool use & jigs, will all be a part of your finished product. Timeless Instruments provides an equipped workshop and instructor to train individuals in the craft & art of lutherie...”

Joe Young Guitars – Guitar Building Mentorship, British Columbia
“Over the years I have had the opportunity to share my knowledge, skills, and experience with others. Although I don’t run a school or a formal educational environment, I have been lucky enough to meet people along the way who have asked me to show, help and guide them as they build their own guitars...”

Guitar Making Course with Pablo Requena – East Sussex (also see Spain)
“This unique intensive course gives those students who want individual tuition the opportunity to construct a Spanish guitar to their own specifications, whether they are beginners or have made guitars in the past. For those with more experience there will be the opportunity to concentrate on specific aspects of making that are challenging and learn ways to overcome and enhance their work. In this Spanish guitar making course the student will construct a classical or flamenco guitar from planks of wood without using kits or any pre-fabricated components...”

Guitar Making Courses – Mid Wales
“This is guitar making course a once (or for some, twice!) in a lifetime, ‘no skills necessary’, full immersion experience. Whether building a beautiful guitar for yourself to enjoy as a one off or as a stepping stone to making more, it offers a practical and theoretical, hands-on-from-the-beginning approach. If you are completely new to it all or have some previous experience and want to hone your skills, I provide a course that fits everyone and with an end result to treasure! There are many many stages in constructing a guitar and so the course will primarily focus on learning the craft processes and understanding the thought processes involved in achieving a top quality instrument. I include seminars to give you some context and history and a wider understanding of the craft, plus, there tends to be plenty of day to day discussion related to the work at hand...”

Guitar Tech Courses – East Sussex
“Build Your Own Electric Guitar Course (Strat or Tele). In this course you will learn the expertise and craft required to build your own custom electric guitar. Not only is there reward in the build itself, you leave our course with what we (and many other course attendees) think will be your most treasured guitar yet...”

Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy – Manchester
“We offer courses in manufacturing electric musical instruments, namely the electric Guitar and Bass. Usually we teach the vintage methods of construction and explain the modern ways so you know how to do both. We make it both fun and educational, unravelling the mysteries of constructing an electrical musical instrument. You will have access to a large variety of woodworking machinery and tools, both free standing and hand held. We also have in house pickup winding facilities, a spray finishing booth and drying room. We teach the best working practice and simplify the misconceptions behind the complexity of building a musical instruments. In addition to full instrument building courses we also offer short courses which including: Fret Stone and Set up Day Courses & Pick up Building courses...”

Newark College, Guitar Making – Nottinghamshire
“This leading guitar making course introduces the craft of making traditional Spanish guitars. By the end of the first year students will have built at least one classical or steel stringed guitar. At the end of the whole course students will be equipped with the knowledge and high quality practical skills to become employed or self employed guitar makers. The tutors are all professional makers and the School has close links with players and other makers who visit to lead special workshops and discussions, as well as providing students with valuable professional feedback about their work...”

South Thames College – London
“If you want to know how to make a musical instrument, our specialist workshops are a great place to learn. We’re stocked with specialist craft tools as well as a large stock of woodworking tools and equipment. We also help you choose which tools you might want to buy for yourself and how to select and source materials and accessories. You’ll learn at workbenches providing you with continual hands-on experience. Our purpose-built workshops benefit from natural light and additional task lighting to help you develop precision and attention to detail...”

The Crimson Guild, online guitar building school – Online
“Follow our incredibly detailed guitar building video tutorials, discuss all aspects of luthiery in the private forums and receive personal video replies to your questions, oh, and learn how to make your own dream guitar in the process! Every member from free to master apprentice has access to the forums and the many many free guitar building video tutorials you can see through the right hand menus, let us know what you think and don’t forget to ask questions in the forums for our weekly ‘Guitar Builders Basics podcast’...”

Guitar Making Course with Roy Courtnall, – Lincolnshire
“Our guitar making course teaches you to make a classical guitar, using traditional tools, and perfecting the skills and techniques that have enabled luthiers over the centuries to build the finest stringed instruments...”

Acoustic Guitar Making Course with Richard Meyrick, – Monmouth
“Learn to build your very own handmade, electric or acoustic guitar, under professional, friendly and supportive guidance. Courses are run on a one-to-one or small group basis in the evenings and on weekends. Places are limited so book early to avoid dissapointment. Sessions are run at your own pace and are individually tailored to your own experience and skill level. Some previous woodworking experience would be beneficial, but by no means essential....”

The Totnes School of Guitarmaking – Devon
“The Totnes School of Guitarmaking is the UK’s longest running independent luthiery school, establishing a reputation that has brought students from all over the world to the workshop in South Devon for the last 30 years. We offer 12 week, full-time guitar making courses for up to five people at a time. Students each build their own instrument from the design, through all stages of construction, including inlay, set-up and finishing using traditional methods...”

West Dean College – West Sussex
“West Dean College was founded thanks to the vision of an extraordinary man, Edward James, who was passionate about teaching traditional heritage and craft skills. Today we run a world class education programme thanks to the continuing vision of many extraordinary and talented tutors, crafts people and supporters of our work. Various musical instrumnent making course are available including classical and steel-string guitar....”

London Metropolitan University – West Sussex
“Short courses in guitar making from introduction, intermediate to advanced. The short courses follow a tried and tested programme that has been used for more than 30 years with great success. Evening courses run in blocks of 10 weeks and are designed to allow participants to develop the skills needed to build guitars.....”

Guitar Making Course with Dave King – Berkshire
“On our one-year course, you'll learn how to construct a guitar of your chosen model and design from scratch, directly from one of the most respected luthiers in the business. You'll learn how to sharpen and use traditional hand-tools and as well as taking home a high quality handbuilt instrument, you'll develop an in depth understanding of how guitars work and what to look for when purchasing instruments. All materials for construction – including tonewoods and machineheads – are included in the price. Our classes are held twice weekly at at our fully-equipped, spacious Kingsclere workshop....”

Le Bon – Languedoc-Roussillon
“Learn how to make a quality instrument and get help and advice from Jean-Paul Le Bon, luthier’s craft. You have the choice between the manufacture of a folk guitar (2 models) or the manufacture of a classical guitar...”

Come make Your Own Guitar – Burgundy
“We offer a two to four week workshop, during which you will make the instrument of your choice and experience firsthand the work of a luthier under my guidance. The price of the workshop is the same as the price you would pay for purchasing the instrument. We welcome you to our residence in Curtil-Saint-Seine, a typical village located in the heart of Burgundy, 30 minutes away fron Dijon. For your accomodation, guest houses and hostals are available nearby ; in certain cases, we may offer you accomodation in our home. So, if you are tempted by the experience, do not hesitate to contact me or drop by...”

Institut Technologie Européen des Métiers de la Musique – Le Mans
“International training centre, national centre of innovation, documentary and technical, centre the Itemm is the centre of technical trades of music resources. Instrumental invoice (lutherie, restoration, agreement, musical instruments trade) regulated management of musical structures and sound are at the heart of the Institute...”

Kopo Guitares – Brittany
“The Kopo workshop welcomes you to construct your instrument under the direction of Fred Pons. The latter founded the workshop in 1988, in which he welcomed dozens of trainees lovers of guitars, and also formed in the long term a few today professional luthiers...”

Gitarren Atelier Felix Reuter – Cologne
“Acoustic guitarmaking courses in Cologne. To build a custom guitar is an exciting challenge, which is preparing a lot of joy and shows an interesting insight into the secrets of guitar making. Using your own ideas and imagination, with the support of my many year of experience as a luthier and concert guitarist, an instrument of the highest quality. Centrally located in Cologne-Sülz is my large and spacious studio. With high-quality tools and a wide range of selected woods here you can build your individual instrument...”

Lospennato Electric Guitars – Berlin
“Courses on guitar making. Immediately available, I am offering personalized courses on guitar making. At the end of the course, you: 1) will have taken your first steps on the fascinating art of lutherie; 2) will have built an electric guitar or bass of your own design; 3) will have discovered that playing guitar can be fun, but building one is really fun...”

Musical Instrument Making School – Mittenwald
“Welcome to the state vocational school for instrument making in Mittenwald International centre of excellence of musical instrument making with the treasure trove of more than 150 years of school history...”

Stratmann Workshops – Hannover
“In our well equipped, spacious workshop, we offer the opportunity to build their individual custom instrument under the professional guidance of even up to five participants per course. From raw wood to final Assembly, all steps be taken out by the participants themselves. There are no prefabricated parts, according to individual requirements of sound, even the pickup are processed by any..."


Instrument making course – Hong Kong
Instrument making course with luthier Kelvin Cheng


Jungle Guitars – Goa
"Jungle Guitars, is a guitar building school conducting courses and workshops for building your own classical/steel string guitar. It is located 3 minutes walk from Baga beach in Goa. It is set in a jungle surrounding. All the work is done outside under purpose built shade with the occasion of sea breeze coming through. The perfect alternative holiday...”

Irish School of Lutherie – Galway, Ireland
“The Irish School of Lutherie was set up in 1980 [by Paul Doyle] to train individuals in instrument construction in a working instrument maker’s factory. It was found that the students learned more from a busy workshop environment than from textbooks or a clinical school atmosphere at that time only one pupil could attend for the 12-week course due to factory size. Nowadays up to 5 people are catered for at the same time...”

Lagan Lutherie School – Belfast, Northern Ireland
“We offer an intensive 6 week guitar-making course to international students of all background and ability. Within that time students will build one guitar-family instrument of their choice, from rough wood to a fully finished strung up instrument that they can take with them. However, unlike other intensive courses of this kind, our goal is not just to help you build one guitar but to give you the skills to continue developing as an instrument maker...”

Algranati Guitar School – Ramat Hasharon
“The school was founded in 2004 by master luthier Algranati Jacob and resulted from 20 years of intense activity in the field. The school is the fulfilment of another target in his vision of the man who brings the field of building guitars in Israel at the global forefront...”

Gideon Weigert handmade guitars – Hararit
“Arrangements for those wishing to build their own instruments are very flexible as everybody’s situation is different. For local residents who work during the day, I am offering evening courses of around four hours. Others may wish to come for full days. For overseas visitors I am happy to arrange excellent accommodation and fascinating trips around Galilee during a memorable guitar-making vacation..."

Corso di liuteria Cloe – Rome
“The courses are temporarily suspended for reorganization of the same. Just resume will advise you on the site! Thanks for visiting and see you soon! News 1: SMART full immersion course five days in the laboratory with a semi € 970 !! Classes of maximum 5 students with fixed dates (called to book); News 2: SKYPE course for the constriction of electric guitars and basses easy for those resident outside Rome. 2 weekends in the lab in Rome followed personally by M.ro Luthier and other work at home followed via Skype. € 1.280 and a guitar sounds unique, truly your 100 to 100; News 3: the course FLEXI personalized and flexible on the dates and times. The M.ro Luthier follows you personally in the lessons. Duration: about 80 hours in the laboratory. € 22 / hour. By appointment...”

Villa San Rocco – Tuscany and Victoria, Australia
Villa San Rocco in Bagni di Lucca, north-west of Florence offers guitar making courses with master luthier Chris Wynne of Thomas Lloyd Guitars. “2 weeks in a superb Tuscan villa, fashioning below in the Medieval workshop your own individual, one-off, made from scratch acoustic or classical guitar. MADE FROM:rare Australian tonewoods, salvaged from all over Australia; almost never used or seen in the northern hemisphere, but magnificent to both witness and listen to...” Also see details of course in Australia


Guitar making course with Jeffrey Yong – Kuala Lumpur
“Learning to make your own guitar can be both satisfying and rewarding. Besides having a fun-filled and well-spent time, you may graduate towards being an accomplished luthier in the future..." read more

Burgin Guitars – Wellington
“Paddy Burgin runs New Zealand’s original guitar building course (since 2001) and there is normally room for around fourteen people on the three week course. These courses are run every two years and so far they have been attended by more than eighty five would-be guitar makers, who have walked away strumming their own steel string or classical guitars. The course is run by myself and Canadian guitar maker David Freeman. of Timeless Instruments, in Saskatchewan. The mass guitar building takes place in the Wellington High School’s woodwork rooms, which are large, modern, well ventilated and full of natural light. They are also quite close to the capital’s downtown, so there are plenty of backpacker lodges and hostels in the vicinity...”

The Centre for Fine Woodworking – Nelson
“The Centre for Fine Woodworking offers a selection of project based short courses for the keen woodworker and guitar maker. All projects are designed here by our tutors to specifically extend your skill base – not only do you have an opportunity to hone your woodworking skills but also make a beautifully designed piece..."

Guitar Making Courses – South Ayrshire
Bailey Guitars are the UK leader in guitar building short courses, and make some of the finest handcrafted guitars in Britain. We have been running BYO Guitar courses since 1998. We offer several different courses each with different aim, cost and timescale to respond to all the queries about building and the different types of hobbyist. We are offering a range of experiences which can be ‘pick and mixed’ to suit most people’s need and budget. All guitars are built from raw wood in a minimum of five days.

Formentera Guitars – Spain, Formentera Island
“Since1988 people have been building their own fine electric guitars and basses in our well-equipped, spacious workshop facilities on the mediterranean island of Formentera. Following a relaxed 3 weeks course, each participant builds his own custom instrument under expert tutelage. The instruments are renowned for their excellent playability, attention to detail and above all their famous “Balearic” sound. Working in small groups of up to six pupils, novices and advanced participants can build their dream instrument from scratch while learning practically all there is to know about guitar building, repair and instrument set up. The success of the course design was proved by the number of participants who rejoined the course for up to ten times and brought along friends. In the last 22 years this school has graduated more than 1000 enthusiastic youngsters, aged between 15 and 60. After three weeks of work and holidays in the workshop and on the beach, all left with their custom electric guitar or bass, equal in quality to that of any off-the-peg model or even better...”

Guitar Building Course with Stephen Hill
– Southern Spain
“We run two of these exclusive top level guitar building courses per year. Each course lasts for one month and is limited to six students per course with 2 teachers, a ratio of 1 to 3. This ensures the quality of both the personal teaching standard and the completed guitar. We accept students from all over the world, of any age over 16, with experience ranging from nil to skilled woodworker. During the course you will make (from start to finish) your own high quality, beautiful Classical or Flamenco Spanish guitar, using specially selected raw materials. (These are included in the course price as well as a hard case). You will be learning to build guitars using traditional Spanish and Granada techniques, how to construct your own ‘Solera’ and mold, the Spanish way of building using the heel and slipper method, about the finer qualities of timber and their selection, tool use and sharpening, machine set up and safety and most importantly, how to make the workshop environment into a place of the heart and soul, to produce the finest work...”

Guitar Making Course with Pablo Requena – Cordoba
“The Spanish guitar making course offers the student the opportunity to build a classical or a flamenco guitar using traditional construction techniques. This will include building with a Solera mould, the Spanish neck/body join and bracing systems as well as learning specific techniques to be able to use the required tools. As part of the course I will be delivering short seminars that include: different styles of construction, construction methods, selecting timbers, sharpening tools and varnishing techniques. The seminars are casual in nature and give the students an opportunity to ask questions and get a deeper understanding of how to make a Spanish guitar. The course runs for 4 weeks and in that time the student will build a classical or a flamenco guitar from scratch using only raw materials without using pre-fabricated components. In that time the guitar will be completed and ready to take home with a basic coat of varnish that is adequate for the guitar to be played. To ensure the best teaching standards each group is made up of only 3 students...”

Granada Luthiers School
“There will be only three places available. Autumn is an ideal season for a building course, the temperatures are moderate and the climate is still dry, ideal for guitar making and enjoying the lively city of Granada. Like in the previous courses there will be a little “fiesta” once the moment arrived when we finished our guitars and enjoy listening to them, played by a professional player, while we lean back and have a "tap"..."

Sanden Guitars – Komstad
“Have you always wanted to build your own guitar? But think it is to hard or you do not have the space or tools to do it? Well here is your chance to have your dream come thru. With professional guidance I help you thru all the steps and you walk away with a complete instrument including a beautiful satin finish lacquer. Working from the raw materials, you’ll create the parts, construct the sub-assemblies, assemble, shape, trim, sand, lacquering, set up and finally play your guitar, learning each phase of the process in turn, in real time at your workbench. The hands-on class experience is designed to give a clear understanding of what is needed to make instruments..."

Guitar Making School of Switzerland – Montreux
“With or without experience in working with wood, from beginning to end you will learn how to build a guitar in a beautiful instrument workshop. Oscar Trezzini, with over thirty years experience in violin making and teaching, will forward all his skills in a calm and pleasant. you will be guided throughout the learning process of building your instrument and / or your future career. From the choice of wood to varnish final adjustment..."

Werner Schär’s Gitarrenbaukurse – Andeer
“The Gitarrenbaukurse of a different kind. You will not only build here with us a first-class guitar, you too will get to know another, relaxing world and forget your daily routine. Although “luthier Werner Schär” is a term used worldwide, it opens its doors, showing people from different countries and horizons how to build a good guitar. That this is the realization of their dream, one reads in the beaming faces of the silent and concentrated-building participants. And great joy reigns in all, if one of them – has his instrument just built and the first notes sound – like today..."

De Haan Guitars, Dutch School of Guitarmaking – Alkmaar
“The Dutch school of guitar making found its home in the historic town Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Close to seaside town as Egmond and Bergen and about a half hour drive from the capital Amsterdam. You can follow short or longer guitar making courses where the goal is always the same: Your own hand-built guitar. Have a look at the course page and if you would like to enrol for one the courses please let me know..."

ILSA (Internationale Lutherie School Antwerpen
) – Antwerp
“The first year in the plucked instrument making section is geared to building an octave guitar or a terz guitar. The basic guitar making techniques are taught during this preparatory year which entails a broad initiation in the tools and how to work with the different types of wood. In the second year, the students build a classic guitar using a method based on the Spanish guitar-making tradition. During this year, they hone their skills and delve deeper into the manufacture of the classic guitar."

Outback Acoustics Gitaarbouw Cursus
– Bemmel
“Construction under guidance a unique tool; Choose or consider yourself a model; Acoustic or electric/guitar or bass; Wide range of wood types, components and finish; Sufficient tools available; No experience required, anyone can learn it..."

Acoustic Guitar Luthier School – Virginia
“Earn your Certificate in the field of Lutherie as you build a top shelf guitar (One on One) with Luthier Brian Hawkins. Dive in to an intense 12 to 14 day course while you build a beautiful Acoustic guitar completely from scratch (this is NOT a kit guitar course). With a mix of traditional technique and modern technology, you will build a guitar that is sure to become an heirloom. With specific one on one instruction you will learn as much in 12 to 14 days as your brain will allow. You will build your guitar completely from scratch, not from a pre-shaped and sanded kit.....THIS IS THE REAL DEAL...”

American School of Lutherie – Oregon
“ASL specializes in intensive, short-term, full-immersion classes designed for busy working adults – beginners and experienced guitar makers for whom long-term study isn’t an option. One-week seminars and two-week hands-on workshops offer a choice of learning experiences designed to provide a strong foundation for continuing work on your own. Classes are small, the environment is friendly and stimulating. We have a good time sharing information, and you’ll likely make a friend or two to stay in touch with and compare notes as you move forward on your own...”

Instruction in Guitar Making with Robert Anderson, – USA
“I am now offering instruction in guitar making, both steel string and nylon string. You can choose to work from existing molds and designs or create your own; work at your own pace under my instruction and bring a work in progress or start from scratch. Selected students come for one evening session per week and work on their own instruments. Individual instruction is available...”

ARC Guitar Building School
– California
“The guitar building course takes the student from inception and design through to completion and final sanding. There are many different types of finishes available. We will assist the student in choosing a design to suit their personal tastes. The guitar is completely cusom made so every detail from start to finish is under the control of the student. Also, we will assist each student to find a finish suitable to fit their skill level, budget and time constraints...”

Atlanta Guitar Works School of Building and Repair
– Atlanta, Georgia
“Atlanta Guitar Works offers exceptional guitar building and repair instruction. Housing is included with program fee for an intensive guitar repair and building experience. The 6 week session is designed to prepare each student for a career in the Guitar Repair and Building Industry. All of our Instructors are professional guitar builders and repairmen. Whether your goal is to build your dream guitar or become a Professional Luthier, we can show you how. Your success is our business...”

Ken Bebensee Apprenticeship
– Nevada City, California
“10-week apprenticeship program – working with one the most innovative instrument makers. This hands-on program is limited to five people at a time to guarantee high quality individual guidance in the art of instrument building. It is an excellent introduction to the field of guitar making – designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how to produce your own instruments in a small shop. I focus on producing just a few quality professional instruments that are not only a joy to play and listen to, but also works of art. Basic familiarity with tools and instruments are helpful though not necessary. You will be able to completely build your own design and I will offer guidance and relative knowledge as well as offering all the tools and space required...”

J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars – North Carolina
“John Bogdanovich has over 40 years of woodworking experience and more than 20 years as a professional guitar maker. Having played classical guitar professionally for a number of years John also has a first hand understanding of the demands players have on the instrument . Benefit from this knowledge and experience and participate in these rare learning opportunities. Classes are offered only twice a year and seating is limited. John has helped many budding luthiers start their guitar building careers with his book, dvd and classes. Many professional guitar makers have also benefitted from products and classes offered at J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars. His work and videos are have been imitated by other luthiers so there must be something worthwhile here for all this attention. So rather than get your information second hand get it directly from the source. So learn guitar building from the guy that wrote the book...”

Colorado School of Lutherie – Colorado
“We offer a variety of workshops & classes designed to instruct students in the theoretical aspects of instrument design, to teach them the fundamentals of woodworking, and to foster their development of precision and skill. Our focus is on traditional methods and time tested designs...”

Luthier Classes and Training with James Cordino – North Carolina
“Since 1996 I've been committed to passing on the tradition to future luthiers, offering a range of workshops and sessions from one-on-one, small group, large masterclass, and university level, all designed to maximize your understanding and knowledge of the instrument design and construction to prepare students for working in fine repair shops around the country and on their own...”

Cumpiano Guitars – Massachusetts
“You can spend a couple of weeks in my New England shop and I’ll personally teach you how to make your own guitar – all materials, tool use, and instruction included. Little or no wood-working experience is necessary – just patience and an open, “beginner’s mind.” I have taught people of all ages, at all levels of experience – and all have emerged surprised and delighted with the instrument they’ve taken home...”

Custom Vibrations School of Lutherie – South Carolina
“Custom Vibrations School of Lutherie offers a 300+hr 7 week course providing small 4 student classes that are taught Monday through Friday12–8pm. Students will have access to the shop on the weekends. The class will focus mostly on fretted instrument building and repair. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the lutherie course...”

Tony DiDomenico – New Jersey
“The building course is a hands on course for the construction of a 6 string acoustic flat top or classical guitar. This is a hands on workshop which will include procedures as: wood selection, side bending, sound hole rosette, top bracing, neck setting, fretting and hand cut pearl logo inlay to name a few. You will leave with your own high quality completed guitar “in the white ” no top coat finish applied. Finishing options will be discussed. Hand tools and power tools will be used including discussions on proper use...”

Everett Guitars Master Class for makers of guitars – Georgia (not for the beginner)
“This will be a weekend that will influence your entire guitar building career. It is not designed for the beginner or first time builder. A minimum of having built 5 guitars is a class requirement...”

Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair – Michigan
"Four Training Programs: Masters Program: Six months of in-depth training in repair and building; Journeymans Program: Eight weeks focused on repair and construction; Technicians Program: Four-day intensive for techs and music stores; Special Seminars: Weekend and week-long classes open to all. Industry-recognized career training – our grads get jobs. Read what luthiers say about their experience at the Galloup School..."

LA Guitar Factory – North Carolina
“Ari Lehtela is fast becoming one of the most sought after luthiers in the world. His instruments are known for their incredible musicality, easy playability and unique aesthetics. These instruments are made to be played! Ari’s luthiery seminars are also becoming well known. If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, don’t miss an opportunity to learn from a master and, at the same time, build your own custom instrument. New classes are starting all the time. More information is available under luthiery school...”

Lichty Guitars – North Carolina
“It’s surprising how many inquiries we receive about acoustic guitar building workshops. Some people just want the one-time experience and satisfaction of building their own guitar while others are looking for a good place to start with their eyes set on becoming a luthier. Either way, it is Jay’s pleasure to teach skills that he is so passionate about. The best way to get all the details about our acoustic guitar building workshops is to call or email Jay...”

Minnesota State College Southeast Technical – Minnesota
“At Minnesota State College-Southeast Tech’s Guitar Repair and Building program, we teach our students guitar repair and building as a career. Our program is designed to teach not only the skills involved, but also understanding of the instruments, their components, materials and acoustics. The very best people in our field are not only highly skilled at the craft, but also creative problem solvers. Repair work and instrument building constantly offer new opportunities to improve the way something is done or how well an instrument plays and sounds. Successful students have the qualities of dependability, self-motivation, and the ability to sit down at a workbench and stay focused on their work, all day. Upon graduating from the program, our students have a strong foundation in the art of guitar repair and building...”

Nazareth Guitar Institute – Pennsylvania
American Archtop Guitar Company, Dale Unger – “I always enjoy teaching and sharing the skills I have acquired in my 33 years of guitar-building experience. In 1996, I began teaching the art of Lutherie at colleges and workshops. In the years following, I opened Nazareth Guitar Institute, a fully equipped studio and workshop located in historic Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Hundreds of students, young and old, some with experience some with none, have attended the school over the years. We offer group workshops or my one-on-one Custom Guitar Dream Class. Come and enjoy with us the passion we have for music and the art of guitar-building...”

Brad Nickerson – North Carolina
“Brad Nickerson offers a variety of learning options tailored to suit your guitar building interest – Flat Top Course; Archtop Course, In addition to my comprehensive building courses, I offer courses in building kit guitars, as well as one or two day workshops in various aspects of repair...”

O’Brien Guitars Online or Workshop Courses – Colorado
“My online guitar construction courses focus on every step in the process of making a concert quality classical or steel string guitar. With over 25 hours of guitar building instruction on video in each course it is like having your own luthier mentor standing right beside you during the entire guitar building process, teaching you the guitar construction ideas and procedures one step at a time. It is like being in a guitar building class designed just for youin fact, it is designed just for you.
   My unique French polish finish available on my custom guitars and also taught in the online classical guitar building course, provides a superior guitar finish that is fast to learn, easy to apply, durable and easily repairable. I believe you will find this French polish guitar finish technique enjoyable to work with and an excellent choice for your guitar's finish. If you want to learn how to build and finish your own quality custom designed acoustic guitar then my online guitar building courses are perfect for you.
    The "online courses" will also show you what guitar building tools and jigs you need as well as how to make guitar-building jigs for some of the various opportunities that arise during the guitar building process.
    Private Teaching: In addition, I also offer private classes where I teach students, one to one, in my private shop, how to build their own custom classical, flamenco or steel string guitar. If you are interested in one of these classes then email me to clarify any questions or to make arrangements for your class....”

Harrison Phipps – California
“Our aim is to enable students in exploring the art and craft of lutherie in the areas of their choosing, to the depth they desire. We offer multiple types of instruction, from specialized one-hour workshops to intensive six-month courses in building a custom instrument... Pick a focus to learn more about what we offer: Construct an instrument by hand with our guitar and ukulele building courses; Repair fretted instruments, while immersed in the Fretted Strings workshop; Attend a workshop: learn a basic technique, explore a new theory, or hone an advanced skillset. "

Red Rocks School of Fine Woodworking and Lutherie – Colorado
“Our fine woodworking department comprises numerous areas of study and concentrations – in other words, you can learn more than just making furniture. Whether you want to become a master lutherie (more on that below!) or become a professional cabinetmaker, our intensive courses prepare you for a fulfilling career as a woodworker...”

Eric Schaefer Guitars – Pennsylvania
“Acoustic Guitar Workshop. This is a 7 day course where you will build your very own flattop acoustic guitar out of exotic tonewoods, from start to finish! The course is taught with only 2 students under the direct supervision of master luthier Eric Schaefer, so you can expect individualized attention on your guitar. All parts and materials are included. No experience necessary. At the end of the week you will have your own handcrafted guitar, the skills to build more guitars, and a deep sense of pride in your work...”

Sound Guitar Workshop – Washington State (and Italy)
“Sound Guitar Workshop provides a resource and education center for the growing community of fretted instrument builders and repair persons. We are dedicated to increasing lutherie knowledge and skill through courses, an innovative approach to long-term study, and master classes taught by visiting luthiers...”

Spencer Acoustics – Texas
“My classes make things easy and simple to follow. It works like this. I do not use a lecture format. I work one-on-one with each student. I explain each step in detail, demonstrate how we are going to get that step done, then, when you are comfortable, I let you work on completing that step while I go help another student...”

The Chicago School of Guitar Making – Illinois
“We teach classes in guitar setup and repair, guitar building, tube amplifier building and tube amp diagnostics. We are the only school in Chicago where you can learn instrument repair and building from a professional luthier. We are also the only school teaching the craft of tube amplifier building. Since opening in 2005, more than 1,900 students have enrolled in our classes...”

The Leeds Guitarmakers’ School – Massachusetts
“I am offering a limited number of tutorials each year in my shop. Until recently, the Leeds Guitarmakers’ School offered classes for up to six people at a time, but because I am no longer in the space I was then, I am offering only one-on-one instruction for the foreseeable future. All of the classes are available as tutorials, i.e. one-on-one instruction. The tutorials are taught on a three-day-a-week schedule unless the student is coming from a location from which he or she cannot commute, in which case I will teach five or six days a week. Accommodation is available for stays up to 12–day tutorials. Three-day-a-week schedules can also be accommodated....”

Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery – Arizona
“As we approach four decades of teaching guitar making and repair we continue to build on a foundation of knowledge, experience, and creativity. Merging tradition with innovation, our goal is to keep pace with a changing art and industry. Our job is to provide you with the skills and knowledge you will need to enter the world of professional guitar making and repair. Our five month accredited Guitar Making and Repair Course is dedicated to teaching you these fundamentals. Additional courses and workshops are available to broaden the scope of learning opportunities in lutherie, guitar finishing, guitar electronics & pickups, amplifiers, and effect pedals...”

Vermont Instruments School of Lutherie – Vermont
“Vermont Instruments is a teaching lutherie begun in 1982. As a lutherie we make acoustic guitars and other instruments for sale, and as a school we teach the craft in both short and long-term courses of study. Anyone who wants to build a guitar for him or herself or to train for a professional career in the craft is welcome to attend...”

Danche Guitars – Illinois
“Build your own guitar 6 and 8 week Workshop. The skills of the old craftsman are becoming a lost art. With over 30 years of guitar building experience , I am offering a 6 week solid body course, 8 week for acoustic, where under my direction, you will go from a block of wood to a finished,very high quality guitar. Since it is critical to the tone of the instrument, you will only work with dry master grade wood that is at least 10 years old.”

Wells Guitars – Florida
“Design and build a regular or cutaway acoustic guitar of your dreams! As far as I have been able to determine, no other luthier school offers the option to build a cutaway guitar! Spend eight very full days (a week and a weekend) in beautiful Central Florida (bring the family – Disney World is only an hour away!) with Master Luthier Sylvan Wells at the Wells Workshop and learn the principles of how to build a really fine acoustic guitar in a very unique teaching format. 10 years of experience in just eight days!...”

Bob Gramann – Virginia
“Guitar Building Instruction. My students build a guitar under my guidance in my shop. All phases of building are covered including design, wood choice, tool selection and maintenance, construction and finishing.
Expect about 100 hours in my shop spread over several months depending on both of our schedules. Expect to do a large amount of reading and other homework. This process is both exciting and satisfying and you end up with a very nice guitar. I take no more than 2 students at a time. I charge a flat $3,000 for this. You purchase all of your own materials (usually $300-500)

NOTE: Descriptions in quotes are provided by their respective websites.

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