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GuitarPitch.com is your single source for everything relating to guitars - from classical to country to heavy metal. You'll find information covering all manner of items, from links to tab and chord sources, to instructional videos, to details about instruments and equipment - and for manufacturing and service companies allied to the guitar industry there is also the opportunity distribute your news and links through the pages of GuitarPitch.com. And check out our new categories devoted to everything from guitar accessories to holidays and even international guitar festivals. Also there are now over 500 guitar maker links to review. So instead of rummaging through a whole pile of bookmarks or hand-written notes make GuitarPitch.com your first stop for all things relating to your favorite musical instrument.

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Wouldn't it be good if YouTube categorized their videos so you could go straight to what you want with a single click - like guitar lessons? Well, that's why we at GuitarPitch.com have provided you with video listings which specifically relate to your interest in guitars including guitar lessons and guitarists etc. Take a look, we think you'll love the difference this feature will bring to your life. We've provided specific links to videos of some of the best players the world has ever seen along with choice players who we think you will enjoy watching. What is more we will review anyone missing from the list - use the contact form to tell us who you recommend or think we omitted from the list.

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